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Nourish your body and begin healing core imbalances 

6-month package (includes 30% discount)

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Thrive is ideal for people who want to feel their best so they can enjoy all that life has to offer.  You want to address chronic issues such as fatigue, inflammation and joint pain and understand that we need to start slowly to address root causes including blood sugar dysregulation and gut microbiome imbalance.  You understand that healing takes time and we must first nourish the body to restore cellular function so that your body's systems can regain balance and begin healing itself.  

Throughout this 6-month Thrive program, we develop a personalized wellness toolbox for you including go-to recipes, pantry staples ideas, plant-based cooking skills, therapeutic herbs and spices, stress management practices, sleep hygiene tips and more.  This toolbox will empower you to continue on your journey to optimal health and wellness!


This 6-month package includes:

1 Initial Consult (90 minutes)

23 Follow-up Sessions (45 minutes)


Initial Consult:

- Detailed assessment of your health history and eating behaviors

- Review of 3-day food and beverage log to assess possible micronutrient deficiencies

- Review of current medications and supplements to examine possible drug-nutrient interactions

- Nutrition focused physical exam

- Review of symptoms questionnaire to identify body systems needing priority support

- Identification of goals and obstacles to success


Follow-up Sessions:

Follow-ups provide accountability and support related to your goals established during the initial consultation.  We discuss successes and challenges and create modifications, as needed.  Follow-ups can include cooking lessons, grocery store trips and wellness walks by request.

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