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Individual Nutrition Counseling Services

Work with a certified functional nutritionist to discover the root cause of your symptoms and gain the tools and knowledge you need to use plant-based nutrition to achieve optimal wellness.

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Initial Consult

Let's get to the root cause of your health concerns!

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Follow-up Session

Accountability and support for your health journey

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Create a solid foundation for healing


1-month package (10% discount)

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Establish and reinforce healthy habits

2-month package (15% discount)

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Give your body and mind time to flourish

3-month package (20% discount)

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Nourish your body and heal core imbalances


6-month package (30% discount)

*Please note: Allison Crisp, MS, CN, CNS is licensed in the state of Washington and board-certified as a nutrition specialist in the United States. Due to nutrition practice laws, there are some states where Allison cannot provide nutrition services. Please reach out to see if Allison can provide nutrition counseling in your state or country.

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