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Establish and reinforce healthy habits

2-month package (includes 15% discount)

Image by Ravi Roshan

Grow is ideal for people committed to developing and implementing healthy habits to achieve specific health goals.  We start with a deep dive into your health history to understand the root cause of your symptoms.  We discuss your personal health and wellness goals and what you wish to gain from working with a nutritionist.  We spend the first month increasing your nutrition knowledge and implementing specific food and lifestyle interventions that will set the foundation to allow your body to function optimally. The second month is focused on setting you up for future success by discussing possible obstacles to your continued success.  We work on developing support systems and utilizing tools necessary to maintain success along your health journey. 

This 2-month package includes:

1 Initial Consult (90 minutes)

7 Follow-up Sessions (45 minutes)

Initial Consult:

- Detailed assessment of your health history and eating behaviors

- Review of 3-day food and beverage log to assess possible micronutrient deficiencies

- Review of current medications and supplements to examine possible drug-nutrient interactions

- Nutrition focused physical exam

- Review of symptoms questionnaire to identify body systems needing priority support

- Identification of goals and obstacles to success


Follow-up Sessions:

Follow-ups provide accountability and support related to your goals established during the initial consultation.  We discuss successes and challenges and create modifications, as needed.  Follow-ups can include cooking lessons, grocery store trips and wellness walks by request.

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